The Official Syllabus for the
52nd Oshawa-Whitby Kiwanis Music Festival


Prior to registration, please ensure you have read and agree to the festival's Rules and Regulations posted to this web site.

1. Registration for all classes may be made online by Paypal, credit card or by mail with a cheque. If paying by cheque, payment must be received by March 15, 2023 and made payable to:  "Oshawa-Whitby Kiwanis Music Festival". Your cancelled cheque is your receipt.. 

2. When entering more than one discipline/category for the same entrant, you must create separate entries.

3. Entries close February 28, 2023. No exceptions or extensions.

4. Entry Fees cannot be refunded after March 1, 2022, except under special circumstances where the entry is rejected by the Board of Directors.

5. Competitors, parents and teachers are completely responsible for entering the correct classe(es). See 4.3 in Rules and Regulations. Title, composer and performance time of the piece chosen must be included with all entries.

6. There will be no class changes after scheduling is completed.

7. An original copy of the music selection must be provided to the box office 15 minutes prior to performance.

8. Students enrolled in multiple classes may be subject to scheduling conflicts.

9. Photocopied music of any published work will result in disqualification. See 3.10 in Rules and Regulations.